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When you want to reach a large, highly interested audience of tech consumers, there is no better choice that SPB TV.

Higher Attention

100% of the user attention is focused on the Smartphone screen while waiting for TV channel to open. he static picture ad will be shown in almost a full screen size.

Passive Positive Emotion

Negative emotions are highly correlated with the active/negative engagement dimensions - irritating, unpleasant and disturbing - which is not surprising. In SPB TV the user understands the technical need for buffering (5-10 seconds) when opening a channel and that showing the advertisement is not disturbing or delaying the TV channel loading. This means no negative emotions till be associated with your brand.

Reaching your Audience

100% of SPB TV audience is Smartphone’s power users searching for up-to-date, real-time news and information to get the most out of their headsets.

Targeting Capabilities

The more relevant the message, the more successful it will be. Our targeting capabilities ensure that your message gets to the right cinsumer at the right time.

SPB TV is capable of specifically targeting ads by these methods:

Comprehensive statistics

SPB TV module records statistics about when and how often ads are viewed and clicked, for how long been viewed, on which platforms, and more.